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Part 4: Research

On the last day of the 2008 EASL meeting, a panel discussion took place concerning new HCV drugs. The life cycle of HCV was discussed, as were several vulnerable areas of the virus which might be targets for new drugs. The researchers discussed the future of HCV therapy and two hypotheses emerged:

Hypothesis 1: Immune stimulants combined with antivirals will eradicate HCV.

Hypothesis 2. Multiple (more than 3) antivirals will eradicate HCV.

Hypothesis 1 suggests that the first step of treatment would be IFN + RBV + an antiviral. The second step would be IFN plus two antivirals. The third step would be IFN substitutes, and the panel indicated a need for improving the IFN or other immune stimulants (TLR agonists, therapeutic vaccines).

Hypothesis 2 suggests that IFNs and immune stimulants may not be needed. The first step would be the same. The second step might be either as above, or RBV plus 2 antivirals. Step 3 could be 3 antivirals.
( www.natap.org/2008/EASL/EASL44.htm )

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4.0.1 Hepatitis C treatments in current clinical development

Alan Franciscus (http://www.hcvadvocate.org)

HCV Advocate HCV Drug Pipeline:

  • The Quick Reference Guide lists the drugs currently in Phase 2 and 3 clinical development.
  • The news items for the drug pipeline are now included in our blog. Click on the pharmaceutical company for more information on specific clinical trials. For more information about the study, click on the title to be routed to the study listed on www.clinicaltrials.gov .
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